Indie Flashback: Before Dean Ambrose Made WWE WrestleMania Ultraviolent

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoJon Moxley vs. B-Boy

If you started this week off by watching WWE WrestleMania 31 then you saw Dean Ambrose take one hell of a bump through a ladder that left his head bloodied. While it’s true that when Ambrose worked as Jon Moxley he was involved in more ridiculous spots, it is still amazing that about 24 hours later he was wrestling John Cena in a heck of match.

Speaking of Moxley his work for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) showed plenty of moxie. At the CZW 11th Anniversary Show, Moxley gave just one more example of his tenacity. B-Boy had dethroned Drake Younger, who had just had the longest CZW World Heavyweight Championship reign ever, two weeks before this match where Moxley challenged for the title. Moxley kicks off the match by attacking B-Boy during his ring introduction. Yet, for as much as Moxley dished it out, he took it just as hard. Before all is said and done Moxley gets a suplex on the bare cement and splashed through a table when B-Boy hits a spot from the top rope to the floor.

In the second half of the match aside from his toughness, Moxley exhibits some excellent psychology. Just like greats Arn Anderson and Ole Anderson years ago, Moxley targets the arm. B-Boy first sells an injury when he gets shoved off of the top rope by Moxley. From there Moxley clamps on an armbar and is all business until the bitter end.

For the conclusion Moxley delivers three of his hook and ladder finishers before pinning B-Boy to capture the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

The full match can be seen right here:

The next CZW show will be CZW Best of the Best XIV on April 11 in Voorhees, New Jersey. Click here for tickets.

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