Indie Flashback: Portia Perez Battles Lady Poison in a Dog Collar Match at ACW

by Daniel Johnson

indieflashbacklogoPortia Perez vs. Lady Poison

Back in January 2011, Portia Perez and Lady Poison were feuding in Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) out of Austin, Texas. The rivalry for the ACW American Joshi Championship got so intense that there was only one way to settle it: A dog collar match.

Come to think of it there were probably a few other ways to settle this feud. Like a cage match or a ladder match, any of kind of gimmick match really. Yet, the ACW creative team favored a vicious dog collar match and both Perez and Poison really put their bodies on the line for it. Before the bout even starts Perez attacks Poison with her title belt and assaults her through the audience. Rachel Summerlyn on commentary says, “She’s going to get fined for that” to which her commentary partner Justin Bissonette replies flatly, “I don’t think she cares.”

Like a lot of dog collar matches this bout is heavy in brawling. Poison turns the tables so to speak when she literally jumps off of a merchandise table to wallop Perez. A big chunk of the match is spent on the outside and Perez only re-enters the squared circle after she had appeared to have choked out Poison by pulling the chain over the ropes. At this point Poison look more beat up than Zack Ryder’s career.

When Poison comes back to life she does some choking of her own leading Perez to try to escape. She runs faster than Buff Bagwell crying to his mother to get out of jobbing in WCW. Perez runs under the ring and Poison chases after her. Although fans cannot see what happens under the ring, Summerlyn and Bissonette state that Perez has been poisoned. Well, that sounds bad, but there are worse things that can be found under a wrestling ring. Like a bucket of Curt Hennig’s feces for example.

For the finish Poison chokes out Perez and gives her a poison kiss thus becoming the new ACW American Joshi champion.

The full match can be seen right here:

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