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Indie Flashback: Athena Takes on Rachel Summerlyn

by Daniel Johnson Athena vs. Rachel Summerlyn Athena shows off her heel skills in this brief encounter from Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) against Rachel Summerlyn. Amazingly despite both wrestlers still being in their mid 20s, when this match took place… Read More ›

Kongo Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: Kongo is a performer who has been wrestling a good chunk of his life, having already become a six year veteran while still in his twenties. Portraying a South American savage, Kongo has made a… Read More ›

Mikaze Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “The American Sasuke” Mikaze is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts who has wrestled all over the east coast. He has perhaps stood out most for his work with Chaotic Wrestling (CW). He joined the company… Read More ›