Squash Match

A Scrub Tag Team

As it turns out the non-Steve Williams’ Dr. Death was not the only USWA wrestler who decided to wrestle in scrubs. Accompanied by territory “legend” (and I use that term very loosely and those quotation marks very firmly) Boss Winters,… Read More ›

Dr. Death Debuts

Wow! Everything about this clip is mildly amusing. First, Nurse Kratchett comes out and gives a promo that convinces the viewer that she must be a real nurse. Not because she is particularly convincing or anything, but her tired voice… Read More ›

Tony Atlas in WWC

Old school territory star and everyone’s favorite wrestling foot fetishist Tony Atlas was no stranger to Puerto Rico. As a squash machine, Atlas was a pretty meat and potatoes wrestler focusing on a lot of power moves and doing little… Read More ›

Vader Annihilates Masahito Kakihara

Like the 5 star classic I posted about yesterday, the Union of Wrestling Forces International in general promoted a more realistic style of wrestling that downplayed things like hitting the ropes and excessive aerial maneuvers. According to the ever reliable… Read More ›