Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 Write-Up

by Daniel Johnsonamericanrana20141

Debuting with a spectacular show for the first ever Beyond Wrestling Americanrana last year, Denver Colorado and friends had a lot to live up to. Jamming the card with 11 matches filled to the brim with the top independent talent from across…well…America went a long way towards not only living up to last year’s show, but blowing it away. I took 744 photographs during this Beyond Wrestling event. Some of the better ones are below along with some words about the action.

A multi-man match opened last year’s show and the same happened this year, but on a much grander scale. A slew of teams fought in a battle royal with participants including: Third oLeg ( Usurper and Johnny Cockstrong), Vine Famous (Rydoon and Will Noonan), EYFBO (“The Funky Monkey” Angel Ortiz and “The Real Deal” Mike Draztik), Da Hoodz (Kris Pyro and Davey Cash), The Minute Men (Devin Blaze and Tommy Trainwreck), Flawless and Lawless (Blake Morris and Rex Lawless), MILK Chocolate (Brandon Watts and Randy Summers), Team Friendship (Scotty Slade and “Sure Thing” Mark Shurman) and Team Create-A-Pro (VSK and Dorian Graves).


Although Watts of Milk Chocolate is shown nearly being eliminated in the above pic in that instance he held on. In fact, MILK Chocolate had one of the more impressive showings of the battle royal. However, in the end Da Hoodz stood tall and got the win. After the victory Pyro and Cash were interviewed by the show’s host, Dick Justice. They demanded that the upcoming Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow III be a tag team tournament, which brought out promoter Drew Cordeiro who readily agreed to this. Also, in a side note of awesome Pyro was wearing an ICOPRO t-shirt, which at the risk of hyperbole I’m pretty sure makes him the greatest wrestler on earth.


The next contest was a grudge match between Fear and Loathing in New England (Aaron Epic and Dave Cole) and Sex and Candy (Sugar Dunkerton and Pinkie Sanchez). The conflict in this one stemmed from Dunkerton wanting revenge on Epic for breaking up their old tag team, The KOA. Even the introductions of this match were fun as Dunkerton was announced as “The Adam Rose of Slapping Hos” and “Dolph Niggler” (feel free to take offense to either or both). At any rate Dunkerton wanted Epic’s ass and when Cole tried to lock up with Dunkerton, Sugar wasn’t having it and demanded Epic.


Although the fans were definitely behind Sex and Candy, Epic and Cole still came out on top. This resulted in Dunkerton saying he thought this match would be the end of his beef with Epic and Cole, but it wasn’t anything of the sort.

The last encounter before the first break of the show was a throw-in-the-towel match between Nicholas Kaye and Anthony Stone. Kaye had his buddy, Myke Quest hold his towel while Stone’s sister, Natalia Stone held his. The thing that stood out most about this match is Kaye getting busted open hard way when Stone launched a chair at him.


The match went back and forth with Quest and Natalya proving they’re both sadistic as hell by refusing to throw in the towel. However, Quest finally relented when Stone pulled out a goddamn chainsaw.


Since this was also a loser must retire match (or simply a loser leaves town match if Kaye goes elsewhere) Kaye cut a “farewell promo” after the match. Instead of getting sappy Kaye just talked about how much he hated the crowd.

The big surprise of the show came after the first break. Biff Busick needed an opponent since “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett had canceled on him sighting Beyond Wrestling was not paying him enough. Busick cut a promo and said he wanted someone who really loved wrestling. Out came current TNA World Tag Team Championship holder, Eddie Edwards!


The two have always had amazing chemistry and Americanrana was no exception. Edwards defeated Busick and even pulled out that cool backpack move that he sometimes does.


After the match the audience was in for another surprise as Bennett came out anyway and attacked Busick after the TNA star left.

A teacher versus student match took place next and pitted “The Prince of Queens” Brian Myers against his protege, Ryan “Adrenaline” Rush. Since both men have beyond decent mat wrestling skills a lot of the match consisted of such before Myers got the win. Rush laid in defeat afterwards while the former Curt Hawkins put him over on the mic.


Up next was what could have been the match of the night when Team Tremendous (Bill Carr and Dan Barry) took on The Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Barreta). After a relatively brief contest Barry appeared shocked that his team won.


Another shocking event in this match is what probably led to it being cut short. During a double suicide dive, Barreta injured his knee. Despite this he still cut a promo after the match describing the injury. There must be some mighty balls on that one!


Kaye’s bleeding from earlier set a high standard for the night, but if anyone was going to top it, it would be in the first blood match between Jimmy Jacobs and Eric Corvis. Jacobs revealed a spike early on, but then Corvis surprised the crowd by pulling out an identical spike of his own. Oddly enough neither man ended up busting the other open. Instead Darius Carter and TJ Marconi came out with a third man dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask. Pardon, the WCW exclamation, but WHO IS THE THIRD GUY?!


The man who carved Corvis up with a spike revealed himself to be a prodigal son of Beyond Wrestling in Dany Only. Only then announced he would be joining Carter and Marconi in the Coalition for Change. Corvis could only look on stunned…and bloodied!


After the last break of the night the next contest went in an entirely different direction. Drew Gulak faced Tommaso Ciampa in a European rounds match. The rules of the match were that there would be 10, three minute rounds with a 20 second break between rounds. A winner could be determined before the tenth round if he scored two pins, two submissions or a knockout. Gulak and Ciampa had to be careful because they could also be disqualified for three public warnings. A public warning would be given for things like using a closed handed punch or attacking a downed opponent. Of course both men soon racked up the maximum amount of warnings allowed before a disqualification could be made.


Although Gulak scored a pin in the third round, Ciampa landed a knockout blow in round seven for the win.


After the match Ciampa ran down Gulak on the mic, but offered him a handshake. For some reason Gulak still wanted to shake his hand despite the disrespect, but Ciampa just flipped him off.

Kimber Lee next wrestled Silver Ant aka Green Ant in what was promoted as an intergender, inter species match.


This match was fairly brief, but had a good amount of technical wrestling with just a touch of brawling thrown in. Lee ended up making Silver Ant tap with an alligator clutch. Afterward Lee cut a promo where she said she appreciated that the fans see her not as a woman, but as a wrestler.


If you go by fan reaction alone then the next contest between The Juicy Product (“The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr) and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) was probably the match of the night. Super kicks were flying everywhere in this one including one that Dunn fed the referee to start the encounter. In the end Matt set Starr up for Nick and The Young Bucks won it.


Being good sports The Young Bucks offered to shake hands with The Juicy Product afterward.


The Juicy Product instead gave the double bird to The Young Bucks and as a result devoured some more super kicks from Matt and Nick.

The night’s main event was current ROH World Championship holder, Michael Elgin taking on Chris Dickinson. Dickinson made some awesome faces in this match that reminded me of Hulk Hogan hulking up. However, that was not enough to put Elgin away so Dickinson’s buddy Jaka interfered. The two set up a table and Jaka gave Elgin a splash from the top rope through it.


However, Elgin would still not go down and ended up powerbombing Dickinson through a second table while Jaka laid on it.


Dickinson looked bad ass too because getting put through a table would not put him down either. Instead Elgin had to lock on a crossface to get the win.

After the match the ROH star cut a promo and talked about how Dickinson knocked his shoulder out of place and that if ROH is his home then Beyond is his home away from home. With such hard hitting action a Beyond Wrestling show is always worth a look. Fans in Providence, Rhode Island will get another chance to do so when Beyond Wrestling returns to Fete Music for Beyond Wrestling Battle of New England on August 31!

Photos 1-21: Daniel Johnson /


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Indie Flashback: “The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh, Niki Nitro and Nikki Valentine Battle

by Daniel Johnson

“The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh vs. Niki Nitro vs. Nikki Valentine

Smack dab in the middle of a Lucky Pro Wrestling (LPW) card in 2013 was this match featuring “The Double X Diva” Alexxis Nevaeh, Niki Nitro and Nikki Valentine. Nevaeh is the one who really shines in this match, but Nitro and Valentine do their part to make this brief triple threat match worthwhile.

This match has a dynamic that is common of triple threats in that the heels team together to work over the face (Nevaeh) for the majority of it. This first starts when Nitro and Valentine lead Nevaeh to believe they will do a three way test of strength, but then quickly turn against her. Nevaeh soon knocks Nitro out of the ring and punishes Valentine with a crossbody, a running forearm and a bulldog. The Australian born Nitro doesn’t stay out of the ring for long and the numbers soon catch up to Nevaeh who finds herself getting choked by both the heels. Good thing for Navaeh, Nitro’s manager, “Showtime” Stevie Stamos only responds to hecklers throughout the match or else it would be three on one.

At any rate no scoundrel can be trusted for long and Nitro soon turns on Valentine with a hair pull that lands Valentine on the mat. Although they team up again, Nevaeh hits a double crossbody and in short order clocks Valentine with a big boot to score the win.

For the full results this of LPW card that took place in the Elks Function Hall in Clinton, Massachusetts on March 23, 2013 click here.

To check out more in the Indie Flashback series featuring female talent click here and here.

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25 and Under: Nick Iggy is on the Rise

by Daniel Johnson

Nick Iggy vs. Damien Payne

Starting last year Nick Iggy has gained a good deal of momentum as he is starting to show up in some relatively big indies. Since 2013 Iggy has had appearances for Beyond Wrestling, Resistance Pro and Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW). Before that Iggy was wrestling for some lesser known indies including a promotion known simply as ATL Wrestling where he was one half of the ATL Tag Team Champions with various partners.

Iggy has become well acquainted with Payne and the two have worked a slew of matches together, in tags and in singles competition. Iggy focuses on Payne’s arm from the start and hands him two nice looking armdrags. Someone has been watching his Ricky Steamboat tapes! Iggy then busts out some even more impressive moves including a monkey flip and an attempt at slice bread #2.

Payne counters this last move and then pulls out some heel tactics from Professional Wrestling 101 by clawing Iggy’s eyes and choking him with the ropes. The two are unable to put each other away as Payne hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and then Iggy comes back with a series of moves ending in a dropkick. Payne signals for the end a short bit later when setting up a powerbomb, but instead eats a back body drop. Iggy then uses the old 619 finisher of Rey Mysterio, Jr. and a top rope cross body to win the match.

To get a look at more rising stars in the 25 and Under series click here and here.

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Beyond Wrestling: JT Dunn Wrestles Kimber Lee

by Daniel Johnson

“The Juice” JT Dunn vs. Kimber Lee

Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 takes place today and two of the wrestlers in marquee matches are “The Juice” JT Dunn and Kimber Lee. Before each performer entered into their current programs though they wrestled each other in an intergender match late last year on the way to the Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II finals.

At this point Green Ant aka Silver Ant had already advanced to be one of the final participants in the Tournament for Tomorrow II so the pressure was on for Dunn and Kimberly. The two shake hands, but then Dunn turns around for a second and Kimberly blindsides him with a running forearm. That sets the pace for the match and the two erupt in striking exchanges at various points later on. During the last of these encounters Dunn and Lee take their upper padding and wrist tap off then just start whaling on each other. After this brawling Lee ends the match with a Ganso bomb of all things.

In more recent Beyond Wrestling news some videos hyping up Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 2014 have just been released featuring Chris Dickinson and Natalia Stone (sister of Anthony Stone) and can be viewed here and here, respectively. Denver Colorado and friends have been working hard with their #SellOutFete campaign on social media to get 400 tickets sold for the show, but if you’re lucky you may still be able to pick one up.

For the full results of Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow II click here, here and here.

For more recent Beyond Wrestling action click here and here.

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Indie Flashback: “The Lariat” DJ Hyde Wrestles BJ Whitmer at CZW Cinco de Mayo

by Daniel Johnson

“The Lariat” DJ Hyde vs. BJ Whitmer

“The Lariat” DJ Hyde runs down BJ Whitmer on the mic to start this Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) clip. Rather than take any of Hyde’s crap, Whitmer gives Hyde some shots to the face and then beats Hyde throughout this Bloomington, Indiana crowd at CZW Cinco de Mayo in 2012.

The brawl is in the style of that performed years ago by Bruiser Brody and Abdullah The Butcher. Yes, you can’t expect much scientific wrestling in this one. Instead Whitmer throws Hyde into a door then some chairs then grinds his face into a chair then Irish whips him into some chairs. Basically, Whitmer really likes assaulting Hyde with chairs.

The tide turns in Hyde’s favor when he reverses an Irish whip and sends Whitmer into some seats. Back inside the ring Whitmer regains his momentum with some strikes and chops. Whitmer even goes on to land a running knee and hit a northern lights suplex. Hey, this beating is actually starting to resemble a wrestling match! Hyde takes Whitmer on a short trip to Cobb County, Georgia and gives him a Bossman slam. Although Whitmer scores a dropkick when he goes off the ropes he gets walloped with a lariat from Hyde and it is all over.

For the full results of CZW Cinco de Mayo click here.

For some more CZW action in the Indie Flashback series click here and here.


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25 and Under: Alexander Hammerstone Debuts at WCWC Against Former WWE Superstar Gangrel

by Daniel Johnson

Alexander Hammerstone vs. Gangrel

Alexander Hammerstone gets introduced by the fiendish Morty Lipschitz in this match for the West Coast Wrestling Connection (WCWC) at an event in the Houck Middle School in Salem, Oregon. Alexander’s gimmick is that of an arrogant young man, who even sometimes just goes by the singular name, Hammerstone. Kind of like Cher, but with a penis (presumably).

Hammerstone cuts a promo before the match where he says former WWE superstar Gangrel, his opponent for the night, used to be something special, but now, “He’s just ordinary.” Gangrel then comes out to a hip hop version of his Attitude Era theme from WWF, The Music Vol. 3 and it is on! Although Hammerstone attacks Gangrel from behind, Gangrel controls most of the beginning of the match. Another former WWE wrestler, Matt Striker is on commentary for the bout and heels it up, but gives Gangrel his props saying, “Gangrel beat my tail all over this building.” WCWC must be handing out some serious cash to get all these ex-WWE guys.

In any event Hammerstone takes charge with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex then a clothesline followed by a boot and some choking. When the match spills outside of the ring Hammerstone clotheslines Gangrel to the unmatted floor. Good thing Hammerstone isn’t the stiffest worker. If another young lion like Kazuki Hashimoto hit that move, Gangrel might have been broken in two (evidence).

As the bout comes to a close Gangrel makes a comeback, but Striker just can’t sit back and be happy for his fellow WWE alumnus. Striker runs to the ring with a chair, which distracts Gangrel long enough for Hammerstone to schoolboy the big vampire for a three count.

To see the full results from this WCWC show click here.

For more exciting encounters from the 25 and Under series click here and here.

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WCW Breaking News 7/24/14

by Daniel Johnson


*Contrary to online rumors Bill Goldberg no showing his WCW main event match with Chuck Palumbo on this week’s WCW Tuesday Nitro is not a dig at WWE for CM Punk recently leaving the company. Goldberg’s morale has said to be in decline since the company briefly shifted focus away from Goldberg and onto Tokyo Magnum. Despite Goldberg’s previously reported masterful politicking that saw him squash Magnum in the main event of WCW Backstage Assault 2013 to such an extent Magnum needed to be repackaged, the master of the jackhammer has been increasingly difficult to work with.

*Speaking of CM Punk, WCW’s attempts to hire the free agent have been less than fruitful. Sources say that when WCW head of talent relations Kevin Nash called the former WWE Champion directly Punk simply responded, “Because the last time we worked together went so well.” Although Nash has praised Punk for his walkout, the WCW brass is pulling out all the stops to get Punk under contract. Two of Punk’s more well known friends, Colt Cabana and Cliff Compton are rumored to have been offered six figure deals to sweeten the pot.

*Tokyo Magnum’s repackaging as Burn, which debuted this past Tuesday is said to be the brainchild of Tony Schiavone. Schiavone has been lobbying hard to get the WCW higher ups to make him the new head booker following Vince Russo‘s departure from the company. Since WCW’s former poster boy, Sting has left the company to sign with WWE and may even wrestle a match for WCW’s legendary rival, WCW executives are all about damage control. Burn, made up in red face paint will have no kayfabe connection to Tokyo Magnum and Magnum’s past with the company will not be acknowledged. Burn will be promoted as a younger, more capable version of the past his prime Sting. To quote Schiavone, “That’ll put butts in the seat.”

* With the debut of wrestler Bobby Lashley for MMA company Bellator being heavily hyped, WCW is keen to make their own mark on MMA. Sources say Australian fighter Sam Greco, who has worked with WCW in the past was approached about having an extended run in WCW. Negotiations fell apart when WCW would not budge on one condition of signing Greco, which was that Greco would have to compete in an MMA fight in a yet to be determined MMA company. Since Greco is now 47 years-old and has not competed in an MMA bout in nearly a decade it is tough to argue with him. Rumors that WCW will next approach Bob Sapp with a similar offer are unconfirmed.

*Adolfo Tapia aka La Parka aka LA Park aka the wildly successful Pinkie Parker (based on the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) will not be returning to WCW.  At least not in the immediate future. Bronies everywhere are reportedly dismayed even though Tapia himself is not a brony. Sources say Tapia was made an attractive offer, which would include him heading a comedy stable called the Pinkie World Order (PWO) based on the decades’ old stable the New World Order (NWO). Someone behind the scenes is apparently really into having a comedy stable invade WCW because rumors are flying that plans for a Wrestling Society X (WSX) stable, which as previously reported were nixed in 2012 have recently been revisited. With Fabian Kaelin no longer being an option for WCW to sign and MTV (where WSX previously aired) reportedly having no interest in working with WCW it is unknown how or if any plans will get any further than just small talk at WCW creative meetings.

*Scott Steiner will be at home doing himself an egg until further notice. The retired grappler’s commentary has touched a nerve with censors and his tirade during the Kimberly Page/Spice match, which resulted in a two minute long bleep is said to have been the final straw. Scott Steiner has a litigious history so it is unknown if he will file suit against WCW or if WCW will hand him another duty to squash any beef.

*WCW Bash at the Beach 2014 scheduled for this Sunday is shrouded in mystery. With the only two matches announced being Buff Bagwell taking on Sean O’Haire for the WCW United States Championship and a battle royal being held for the long vacated WCW World Television Championship anything could happen. Since it is very unlikely current WCW World Heavyweight Championship holder, Bill Goldberg will be on the card it is even possible a second battle royal for a vacant championship will be held. Let’s just hope Tank Abbott won’t be penciled in to win either.

Disclaimer: Unless you had a guitar broken over your head by Jeff Jarrett or were traumatically violated by the rhino of The Flock you should know that none of this actually happened. The real WCW was purchased in 2001 by the company that would become WWE.

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Old School Flashback: Cousin Bubba Battles Austin James for $500 at PWI

by Daniel Johnson

Cousin Bubba vs. Austin James

Cousin Bubba takes some verbal abuse in this clip from Pro Wrestling International (PWI) when heel Austin James mocks him for being a pig farmer and says he could beat him anywhere, anyplace. Bubba agrees to wrestle James the following week when James says he’ll put up $500, which Bubba will get unless James can beat Bubba in five minutes.

Unlike some other clips I’ve posted from the Indianapolis, Indiana based PWI this clip does not feature commentary by “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds aka the man later behind Wrestlecrap. On the plus side the clip includes the PWI Championship Wrestling intro which looks to be straight out of 1983 despite being produced in 1995. Perhaps with mainstream wrestling in the gutter at the time, producer R. Jeffrey Smith was going for a retro look to remind folks of wrestling’s heyday.

At any rate Dave Yearwood calls the action alongside James’ own kin, Dallas James. Despite having one of his “relatives” call the match James gets no love on commentary. With good reason too! In the shortest five minutes that have ever taken place (around three minutes and 45 seconds unless the match was going on at the same time as that eightiestastic intro) James just cannot put Bubba away. To James’ discredit the moves he tries to put Bubba away with only range from a punch to a schoolyard push to a very slow “running” stomp. Bubba makes it to five minutes and gets a third of a month’s rent for a Manhattan apartment. Perhaps with money in the bank Bubba, 1987’s first winner up of the Uncle Elmer lookalike contest, then let the pigs run free for a few days.

For more old school PWI action click here and here.

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25 and Under: Josh Shooter Gets His Stink on RCW

by Daniel Johnson

Josh Shooter vs. Luke Santamaria

The phrase breakneck speed gets thrown around a lot, but it would be tough to accurately describe this match from Riot City Wrestling (RCW) in Australia any other way. Josh Shooter, still a teenager when this bout took place, starts his offense by kicking Luke Santamaria in the gut then following it up with some strikes. Within a minute Luke has hit Shooter with a headscissors’ attack, forced him into a handshake of all things then dropkicked Shooter out of the ring after Shooter got tangled in the ropes.

Shooter eventually really heels it up when he slows down the pace of the match with a run of the mill slam and a bit later a suplex. However, Shooter really shows what a bad guy he can be when he locks Santamaria in a submission then reaches in the back of his trunks for several seconds. Shooter gears up for the dreaded stink palm, which is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than get his palm in Santamaria’s face, Santamaria knocks the stink palm in Shooter’s face instead. From there Santamaria tries to win the match in three very different ways. Santamaria hits Shooter with a big splash then clamps on a guillotine and finally finishes him off with an ace crusher.

Since this match took place Shooter has traveled outside of his native Australia and worked for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW). More recently in 2014 he has been working for Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) where he has wrestled since 2012. There he recently had a best of three series with another young Australian talent named JXT. As Shooter’s match with Santamaria shows, he has a knack (some would say a curse) for making the man he loses to look really good so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that JXT won that series.

For more in the 25 and Under series featuring Australian talent click here and here.

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WSU: Brittany Blake Graduates and Wrestles Nevaeh

by Daniel Johnson

Brittany Blake vs. Nevaeh

Ten days ago Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) held WSU United. The event featured LuFisto retaining the WSU Championship against Mickie Knuckles and The Juicy Product, “The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr infamously winning the WSU Tag Team Championship. A more low key match on the card was recent CZW Academy graduate, Brittany Blake taking on WSU veteran Nevaeh.

Before the match Blake cuts a promo saying how so many people doubted her after breaking her leg, but the same day WSU United took place was the same day she graduated from the CZW Academy. Blake starts the match by going to the top rope and surprising Nevaeh with a dropkick. From there Blake lands some strikes to Nevaeh’s face, but then gets caught with a roaring elbow. While in control Nevaeh hits a slam, belly-to-back suplex and a snap suplex in rapid succession. Blake shows some fighting spirit by continuing to hit strikes until the bitter end, which comes when Nevaeh catches Blake coming off the ropes and plants her with a tombstone piledriver. After the match WSU Spirit Championship holder Niya comes in and attacks both women. At this rate Niya will soon be feuding with the entirety of the WSU locker room.

For the full results of WSU United click here.

For more WSU action click here and here.

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