Old School Flashback: Cousin Bubba Battles Austin James for $500 at PWI

by Daniel Johnson

Cousin Bubba vs. Austin James

Cousin Bubba takes some verbal abuse in this clip from Pro Wrestling International (PWI) when heel Austin James mocks him for being a pig farmer and says he could beat him anywhere, anyplace. Bubba agrees to wrestle James the following week when James says he’ll put up $500, which Bubba will get unless James can beat Bubba in five minutes.

Unlike some other clips I’ve posted from the Indianapolis, Indiana based PWI this clip does not feature commentary by “The Real Deal” RD Reynolds aka the man later behind Wrestlecrap. On the plus side the clip includes the PWI Championship Wrestling intro which looks to be straight out of 1983 despite being produced in 1995. Perhaps with mainstream wrestling in the gutter at the time, producer R. Jeffrey Smith was going for a retro look to remind folks of wrestling’s heyday.

At any rate Dave Yearwood calls the action alongside James’ own kin, Dallas James. Despite having one of his “relatives” call the match James gets no love on commentary. With good reason too! In the shortest five minutes that have ever taken place (around three minutes and 45 seconds unless the match was going on at the same time as that eightiestastic intro) James just cannot put Bubba away. To James’ discredit the moves he tries to put Bubba away with only range from a punch to a schoolyard push to a very slow “running” stomp. Bubba makes it to five minutes and gets a third of a month’s rent for a Manhattan apartment. Perhaps with money in the bank Bubba, 1987′s first winner up of the Uncle Elmer lookalike contest, then let the pigs run free for a few days.

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25 and Under: Josh Shooter Gets His Stink on RCW

by Daniel Johnson

Josh Shooter vs. Luke Santamaria

The phrase breakneck speed gets thrown around a lot, but it would be tough to accurately describe this match from Riot City Wrestling (RCW) in Australia any other way. Josh Shooter, still a teenager when this bout took place, starts his offense by kicking Luke Santamaria in the gut then following it up with some strikes. Within a minute Luke has hit Shooter with a headscissors’ attack, forced him into a handshake of all things then dropkicked Shooter out of the ring after Shooter got tangled in the ropes.

Shooter eventually really heels it up when he slows down the pace of the match with a run of the mill slam and a bit later a suplex. However, Shooter really shows what a bad guy he can be when he locks Santamaria in a submission then reaches in the back of his trunks for several seconds. Shooter gears up for the dreaded stink palm, which is exactly what it sounds like. Rather than get his palm in Santamaria’s face, Santamaria knocks the stink palm in Shooter’s face instead. From there Santamaria tries to win the match in three very different ways. Santamaria hits Shooter with a big splash then clamps on a guillotine and finally finishes him off with an ace crusher.

Since this match took place Shooter has traveled outside of his native Australia and worked for Big Japan Pro Wrestling (BJW). More recently in 2014 he has been working for Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) where he has wrestled since 2012. There he recently had a best of three series with another young Australian talent named JXT. As Shooter’s match with Santamaria shows, he has a knack (some would say a curse) for making the man he loses to look really good so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that JXT won that series.

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WSU: Brittany Blake Graduates and Wrestles Nevaeh

by Daniel Johnson

Brittany Blake vs. Nevaeh

Ten days ago Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) held WSU United. The event featured LuFisto retaining the WSU Championship against Mickie Knuckles and The Juicy Product, “The Juice” JT Dunn and “The Product” David Starr infamously winning the WSU Tag Team Championship. A more low key match on the card was recent CZW Academy graduate, Brittany Blake taking on WSU veteran Nevaeh.

Before the match Blake cuts a promo saying how so many people doubted her after breaking her leg, but the same day WSU United took place was the same day she graduated from the CZW Academy. Blake starts the match by going to the top rope and surprising Nevaeh with a dropkick. From there Blake lands some strikes to Nevaeh’s face, but then gets caught with a roaring elbow. While in control Nevaeh hits a slam, belly-to-back suplex and a snap suplex in rapid succession. Blake shows some fighting spirit by continuing to hit strikes until the bitter end, which comes when Nevaeh catches Blake coming off the ropes and plants her with a tombstone piledriver. After the match WSU Spirit Championship holder Niya comes in and attacks both women. At this rate Niya will soon be feuding with the entirety of the WSU locker room.

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25 and Under: “The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams at FWF

by Daniel Johnson

“The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams vs. Lumberjack Monroe

There is no getting around that hefty wrestlers who can work like John Tenta, Bam Bam Bigelow and Vader are getting rarer and rarer as I’ve written about before. So when I first read about an indie wrestler named “The Fat Daddy” Mack Williams wrestling for the Funkafied Wrestling Federation (FWF) based out of Delaware I was intrigued.

Then  I found out Williams wasn’t a hair over 200 lbs and had a white rapper gimmick. At first I was tempted to claim false advertising. After all shouldn’t he at least spell fat as “phat” if he’s going to promote himself that way. Then I found this promo on his YouTube channel. He describes himself as a chubby chaser so I guess weight does play into his gimmick even if he’s pretty slim himself. Actually, Williams may be a little bit more than just a chubby chaser in the traditional sense because pretty much all of his opponents on his YouTube channel are bulky.

As for Williams’ encounter with Lumberjack Monroe it is not the prettiest match ever. It gets tough to suspend disbelief with spots like Williams throwing two dropkicks that barely graze Monroe and Monroe still selling them. However, any time you have a chubby chasing white rapper wrestling a lumberjack you’re bound to have some fun. For the finish Monroe catches a super kick from Williams, gives him a belly-to-belly suplex and beats him with a big splash! That will teach Williams to pick on fat people!

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CZW Dojo Wars: Connor Claxton Has a Rematch with Frankie Pickard

by Daniel Johnson

Connor Claxton vs. Frankie Pickard

At Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) about a month ago CZW Dojo Wars 3 took place. Connor Claxton and Frankie Pickard aka Frankie James wrestled on the very first match of CZW Dojo Wars 1 and since then have continued to wrestle in the opening match of all CZW Dojo Wars including at CZW Dojo Wars 3. The two are creating a nice little rivalry to distinguish themselves from other CZW talent and it will be interesting to see how each man rises up the ranks.

Claxton gains control of the match early on by scooping Pickard’s leg. From there Claxton applies an armbar. Claxton goes on to work Pickard’s arm throughout the remainder of the match. Pickard doesn’t take this lying down and at one point even imitates Bob Backlund by attempting a crossface chicken wing. Although Pickard hits the same beautiful overhead belly-to-belly suplex he put Claxton away with in their first CZW Dojo Wars encounter this time Claxton kicks out at two. Claxton then takes Pickard down from a fireman’s carry position and goes back to the same armbar he started the match with. This time Pickard taps in short order and Claxton gets the win. DJ Hyde and Drew Gulak must be pleased with these two.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 3 click here.

To watch Claxton and Pickard’s first match for CZW Dojo Wars click here. For some older CZW action click here.

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UWC: Preacher Finneus James Wrestles a Former ECW Mainstay

by Daniel Johnson

Preacher Finneus James vs. Nunzio

Preacher Finneus James has been having a busy 2014. Earlier this month he wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), making his CZW Dojo Wars debut at CZW Dojo Wars 4. Aside from that, matches keep popping up on his calendar including this one against ECW veteran Little Guido aka Nunzio (in the WWE and beyond) for United Wrestling Coalition (UWC) based in New Jersey.

This match is full of shenanigans because while Nunzio comes out with UWC’s resident harmless goofball, Silly Billy, James is accompanied by his devious valet, Arlene. For such a short match the two also put in a good amount of mat wrestling. Yet, for all that wrestling Nunzio ends up slapping James repeatedly in the back of the head like they were in a schoolyard fight. Aside from using his valet to cheat James has a meat and potatoes move set in this outing. He gets a series of two counts with moves like a crossbody, a forearm and a kick to the head. Nunzio on the other hand pulls out some less traditional moves like a Rocker dropper from the second rope.

The finish comes down to James heeling it up and arrogantly covering Nunzio, which backfires on him allowing Nunzio to win with a crucifix.

For the full results of CZW Dojo Wars 4 where Preacher Finneaus James made his CZW Dojo Wars debut click here.

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25 and Under: The Sebastian Radclaw Show

by Daniel Johnson

Sebastian Radclaw vs. Tyler Hawke

Sebastian Radclaw is not just a wrestlers, he’s also a reality TV star…and by reality TV star I mean he has his own hidden camera show on YouTube. As the above clip demonstrates Radclaw is a lovable goof of a wrestler. As such it should come as no surprise that in his reality show he’ll pester strangers by asking them for thing like their phone number, to go sailing with him and to give him “a slice of that ass.”

As for Radclaw as an in-ring performer he’s quite charismatic and agile. In the above match he works for Pro Wrestling Pride (PWP) in his native United Kingdom. Unfortunately for Radclaw his opponent, Taylor Hawke is not alone and has his partner in crime, Calum Cain on the outside. It soon turns into a numbers game as Cain trips Hawke and then later goes on to take cheap shots throughout the bout. Heck at one point Cain even locks a camel clutch on Radclaw outside of the ring. Although Radclaw climbs to the top rope at one point and hits Hawke and Cain then nearly wins it all with a DDT, ultimately Radclaw taps to a Boston crab reminiscent of Chris Jericho’s lion tamer in WCW.

To paraphrase The Shawshank Redemption, after the match I wish I could tell you that Sebastian fought the good fight, and Hawke/Cain let him be. I wish I could tell you that, but PWP is no fairy-tale world. On the plus side Radclaw recently got his own page on cagematch.net, so he has got that going for him!

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EPW: John Wayne Murdoch Wrestles Josh Crow

by Daniel Johnson

John Wayne Murdoch vs. Josh Crow

This match from the Indiana based Evolution Pro Wrestling (EPW) took place just last month at EPW Up to the Task. The bout has an intimate setting with a small crowd, which leads to the heel, John Wayne Murdoch, getting heckled relentlessly, which really boosts the entertainment value of this clip.

Murdoch is a wrestler originally from Tennessee who like a more famous stocky southern wrestler, Dusty Rhodes has a unique pattern on his gut. Whereas Rhodes looked to have a big splotch of dried semen (evidence) , Murdoch has a far less disturbing three dots. Rather than focusing on dried semen too much in this post though, perhaps what is more important to note is how well Murdoch can work a crowd. Although early on Murdoch gets walloped by Josh Crow with moves like a hurricanrana, some arm drags and a stiff sounding soccer kick, Murdoch doesn’t let that get him down. Minutes later Murdoch is belittling the crowd with his boasts of, “I’m taking the time to tell you I’m the best. I’m the best. I am the best wrestler here.” Purposely repetitive for sure and the crowd eats it up right before Murdoch eats a suicide dive.

Then you have the heckling, which in conjunction with Murdoch’s heel work takes this bout to another level. Yes, for all the choking, hair pulling and other heel tactics pulled from Professional Wrestling 101, Murdoch gets called on it. Some of the standouts include, “You have hair, you should have empathy,” “You better count that pinfall you scoundrel ref,” and the hall of fame heckle, “You’re like The Grinch only your heart never grows. It’s just a shiny little cat turd in your chest.” Unfortunately, an attempt to start a “cat turd” chant is unsuccessful.

Murdoch is also surprisingly agile given his build, which he demonstrates at the end of the match by finishing Crow off with a sunset flip into a piledriver from the ropes.

Murdoch has been having a banner year as aside from EPW he also recently debuted for Beyond Wrestling. Most recently at the Beyond Wrestling Sleeper Cell Music City Taping (full results here) just days ago Murdoch wrestled a whopping three matches against Sugar Dunkerton, Mikey McFinnegan and Shank Barzini, respectively.

For the full results of EPW Up to the Task click here.

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25 and Under: Sammi Lane Stalls…at LPW Summer Heat

by Daniel Johnson

“The Definition of a Diva” Sammi Lane vs. Davinne

This match comes from Lucky Pro  Wrestling (LPW), a Massachusetts based indie that just opened in 2013. At one of the promotion’s first shows LPW Summer Heat, 25 year-old “The Definition of a Diva” Sammi Lane took on Davinne in a match where Lane stalled…and stalled

and stalled.

Before any stalling could happen though the crowd was certainly ready for this match. How could they not be? Lane’s opponent came out to “Scream” by Michael Jackson featuring Janet Jackson, which should automatically make booking Davinne a priority for any promoter in the northeast. The crowd watching this match is packed into the Elks Function Hall in Clinton, Massachusetts and look ready to have one of these women tear apart the other. However, Lane has different plans because rather than meeting Davinne head-on she goes out of the ring to confront a heckler.  For a while Lane is avoiding Davinne at all cost, but Davinne catches her with a pair of hip tosses followed by some work on Lane’s left arm.

Davinne’s offense is brief because before long Lane is literally running away from her. Lane ends up blindsiding Davinne and pulling out some Professional Wrestling 101 heel tactics. The match continues in much the same fashion until Lane catches Davinne by the legs and pins Davinne with her feet on the ropes. In defeat Davinne shows character as a babyface and the clip ends with her giving an autograph to a young fan in the crowd.

More recently Lane has been working more for her home promotion, New England Championship Wrestling (NECW), where she has been working for about seven years.

To check out the full results of LPW Summer Heat click here.

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Indie Flashback: Ilja Dragunov, CorVus and Flying Dragon Jr. at GWF

by Daniel Johnson

Ilja Dragunov vs. CorVus vs. Flying Dragon Jr.

This triple threat match from the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) from last year features talent from three parts of the world with considerably different wrestling styles. Ilja Dragunov hails from Russia, CorVus comes from Chicago and Flying Dragon Jr. is a German homeboy. The three combine to make a heck of an interesting match.

The bout has a bit of an odd dynamic in that it feels more like a handicap match than a triple threat match at points. This makes sense as the three need some time to feel each other out. After all this is CorVus’ first GWF match and with all three performers being under 30, Dragunov and Dragon can only be so familiar with each other.

CorVus first avoids conflict when Dragunov goes after him. At one point CorVus even drops to the mat and screams in a funny cowardly heel spot. It is a misleading display because soon after CorVus is hitting some soccer kicks so hard you’d think they would have earned him a spot on the German team in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Eventually, Dragunov and CorVus team up for an extended period as CorVus shouts, “Russia and America!” It makes sense to position Dragon as the face of the match since he is the hometown hero.

As the match comes to a finish Dragon sells a flying elbow into the corner by CorVus and a running dropkick into the corner by Dragunov. Eventually, Dragunov bumps into CorVus not once, but twice. After the second time, Dragunov takes advantage of the situation by hitting Dragon with a lariat and getting the big W.

For the full results of GWF Berlin Wrestling Night 15 (the event where this match took place) click here.

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