Indie Flashback: Athena Takes on Rachel Summerlyn

by Daniel Johnson Athena vs. Rachel Summerlyn Athena shows off her heel skills in this brief encounter from Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) against Rachel Summerlyn. Amazingly despite both wrestlers still being in their mid 20s, when this match took place… Read More ›

Rexx Reed Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “Zombie Killer” Rexx Reed is a wrestler currently situated in Texas who has been wrestling for nearly a decade. Some promotions he has worked for include Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA), Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) and… Read More ›

Mason Scheer Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: Mason Scheer is the head of production for Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW), the hottest independent wrestling promotion running out of Austin, Texas. Scheer has worked for ACW since 2009 and has watched the company grow… Read More ›