Month: May 2012

XPW’s Undercard

A common misconception about XPW is that the organization was complete crap. While it is true that the overwhelming majority of the content they produced is worth forgetting they could have some pretty good undercard matches. This match in particular… Read More ›

Avoiding a Sausagefest

Before today I haven’t posted any solid women’s wrestling matches and now…I still haven’t! However, I’ve been meaning to feature some women’s wrestling on the blog and since I started out with a battle royal for the men, I thought… Read More ›

Father vs. Son

This match is short and with minimum contact, which makes for some interesting viewing. There are three reasons I wanted to post this clip today: *First, it reminds me of how significant fathers can be in working with their sons…. Read More ›

The Timeless Dragon

This is a well-developed match that starts simple with each of the three man teams being paired together. Ultimo Dragon is paired with Black Dragon, Funaki is paired with Joe Doering and¬†Keiji Mutoh is paired with¬†Yoshihiro Tajiri. The entire tone… Read More ›

The Viking Siege

Prior to ending Tatanka’s undefeated streak a serving as a member of Finish Parliament, Tony Halme stormed Herb Abrams’ UWF as The Viking. Aside from belonging to a different time than his later WWF gimmick, Ludvig Borga, he also has… Read More ›