Buxx Belmar Interview

by Daniel Johnson Interviewer’s Note: “Dirty” Buxx Belmar is a unique character who has been grossing out folks in the Montreal area for years. More recently Belmar has begun wrestling dates in the United States including working at Beyond Wrestling… Read More ›

Site News 12/1/13

by Daniel Johnson Hey viewers and viewerettes! It is that time of year again where readers can start nominating performers for The Crown J award.  This is a reader voted award given to one wresting personality 25-years-old or younger who has yet to… Read More ›

Site News 11/28/13

by Daniel Johnson Hey pilgrims and pilgrimettes! As the above image indicates The Johnson Transcript is now accepting new writers. So if you’re interested in covering indepdent wrestling and especially the young performers the scene has to offer then apply… Read More ›